The 8th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics

April 25 – 28, 2021, Beli Manastir, Croatia


Corona virus update 2

Due to the current circumstances, it will not be possible to hold the conference on the original date. Therefore, the conference will be postponed to  April 25-28, 2021.

The conference location and arrangements remain the same.


Corona virus update 1

We are currently monitoring the progress of the Coronavirus and necessary steps are being taken to ensure the health and safety of all guests.

You can find further information about the current status of the Coronavirus in Croatia on the Government website, as well as the information about the disease and how to protect yourself.

Prior to traveling to SAEM2021, we advise all guests to check the status of your travel with your provider, as some countries may be implementing additional restrictions.


On behalf of the International Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee, we are very pleased to welcome all participants of the 8th Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics – SAEM2021, which will be held from April 25th to April 28th 2021, in Beli Manastir, Croatia.


The official Symposium Facebook page can be found HERE, which will serve as the platform from publishing photos of the venue and overall symposium. An event has been created that can be found HERE, where you can also confirm your arrival.


Beli Manastir is the only town in Baranja and its administrative seat. It grew on the Southeast slopes of the Baranja Mountain, almost halfway between Osijek in the south and Hungarian town of Mohač in the north. The town name derives from the Middle Ages when in 1227 the Hungarian palatine Moys de Daro erected a monastery on his property.


The eastern beauty of Croatia, Baranja, was awarded by Croatian Tourism Awards 2019 as Best Rural Tourism Destination in Croatia. Bordered by the Drava and the Danube rivers and divided by Croatian-Hungarian state border, in the east charmed by a swamp, in the south and southeast sheltered by mouths of the river and in the north and northeast open for connection via wine roads and paths – Baranja is even today quite closed, almost secluded, more mystical than ever before.


Hotel Patria is located in Beli Manastir and it is the only four-star hotel in Baranja. It was opened in 2006 and covers an area of 5000 square meters.

A pleasant outdoor garden area, outdoor terrace with a coffee bar, Ethno Village Baranjski Divani and a lake near the hotel are the main features of the hotel’s exterior. 


Paving the history of SAEM conferences, we would like to remind you on the previously successful editions: SAEM2006, Ohrid, Macedonia, SAEM2008, Zamosc, Poland, SAEM2010, Ptuj, Slovenia, SAEM2012, Sopron, Hungary, SAEM2014, Skopje, Macedonia, SAEM2016 Wroclaw, Poland, and last SAEM2018 Podčetrtek, Slovenia.

The Symposium continues the tradition of joint conferences, organized in previous years by the organizers from Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary. The host for SEAM'21 for the first time will be organizers from Croatia: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb. The symposium is open for participants from all over the world. 

SAEM'21 is aimed at the presentation of research work results and/or the survey of works in various areas of Applied Electromagnetics and Power&Energy. The Symposium is devoted to exchanging ideas, presenting achievements and results, providing the forum for researchers and academics. Open and friendly atmosphere, which our conferences are known for, encourages especially young researchers to present their achievements and ideas, even in an early stage of their research work. The venue also gives many opportunities for establishing professional links and discussing collaboration areas for further international research projects and cooperation. We would like to ensure you that the organizers will do their best to create and maintain a friendly and warm atmosphere at the conference, both in the scientific and social programs.


Thank you for coming to Croatia. We wish you a lot of fruitful scientific debates during the Symposium and a pleasant stay in Beli Manastir.


Conference Chairmen:

Željko Hederić – CROATIA

Damir Žarko – CROATIA


Conference Vice Chairmen:

Andrzej Krawczyk – POLAND

Bojan Štumberger – SLOVENIA

Lidija Petkovska – MACEDONIA